Our COVID-19 Response

In response to Covid-19, Titan Maintenance Group continues to closely monitor all developments and their impacts on our client partners. Protecting the health and well-being of our staff, technicians and the employees and customers of our clients remains our top priority. This commitment is reflected in our pledge to always practice service safety in accordance with established CDC protocols and guidelines.

This means our techs will always:

  • Wear the appropriate face coverings while onsite

  • Practice social distancing

  • Safely adhere to sanitizing protocols

  • Limit direct interactions with client staff whenever possible

Our promise to uphold the highest safety standards in conjunction with our industry-leading disinfecting services will ensure our operation continuity to reliably deliver facility services for our customers by providing safer spaces from which to operate for everyone.

In these unprecedented times, we will continue to use the communication and guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and all appropriate health authorities as our primary guidelines. We are also monitoring the directives of federal, state, and municipal health authorities and will implement additional internal and external risk mitigation strategies as warranted.

We work in a fast pace setting and when critical items break, they have a major impact on our business. We had a significant plumbing back up and Titan Maintenance Group immediately took control of the situation upon arrival, working with the Landlord and city to resolve the issue... including providing us with emergency cleaning, and they followed back up to ensure everything remained functional. They were engaging with timely updates and photos and very thorough. These are guys are the real deal.”

- Restaurant Facilities Coordinator