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Facility Maintenance Beyond the Basics

As a property management company, you have an inherent responsibility to staff members, occupants, customers, and anyone who happens to be within your property, to develop a facility maintenance plan. In addition to the typical break-fix items associated with General Maintenance, Plumbing, Electrical, and HVAC issues, there is also the responsibility to develop a disaster plan. Implementation of the plan and the circumstances during which emergency procedures are to be followed are critical components. This is another example of how we provide solutions beyond the basics.

Titan Maintenance Group's industry expertise enables us to promptly prepare and rapidly deploy critical assets in response to major events beyond the customary facility maintenance issues that may impact your properties 24/7. We have developed an approach that creates a greater awareness of the potential for major natural or unplanned events. A better strategy begins here. Want to learn more about how we can help you achieve more? Speak to one of our facility advisers today.

Transform Your Facility Program With A
Partner That Performs Beyond The Basics

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Comprehensive break-fix services including Carpentry, Ceiling Tiles, Door Repairs, Drywall Repairs, Painting, Pest Control Abatement, Refreshes and Remodels, Flooring and Power Washing.

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Update fixtures, repair broken water pipes, repair cracked or broken drain lines, and clean clogged toilets, sinks, tubs, and main drains.

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Whether it’s electrical shortages, installing new circuits, ballast replacements, resetting or replacing circuit breakers, or resolving outlet failures – you have a Titan as a reliable partner that can help.


HVAC & Refrigeration

On-Demand break-fix HVAC & Refrigeration remedies, Preventive Maintenance Programs, Equipment Inspections, Unit Optimizations, Upgrades and Replacements, Leaks, Thermostat repairs, Duct cleaning

Janitorial Services

Janitorial & Disinfecting Services

Janitorial Services, Deep Cleaning, Disinfecting Services, Sanitization Solutions, Power Washing, Floor Care, Dusting, and Emergency Water Extraction and Cleanup. 

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They communicate well with details and our entire facilities team enjoys working with them. Keep up the great work.”

- Convenience Stores Procurement & Facilities Manager